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Digimon:Hikari wish foundation
Hikari 'Kari' Kamiya was bored.  She was eleven years old, and her birthday wasn't for another month.  Malomyotismon was destroyed. After the events of a Thousand Lights, trying to keep digimon unknown to the general person had become an absurdity. What this generally meant for Kari on the plus side was that she didn't have to come up with lame brain excuses on the spot for why she cut classes or ditched after school events or didn't come home until after dark.
On the not-so-plus-side her parents now knew their baby who they had nearly lost to Pneumonia when she was five and then had been kidnapped by a vampire when she was eight had been going regularly to that other world risking her life against monsters that could bite her in two and were none to pleased.
On the slightly-brighter-side there were now a thousand others like her to pick up the slack.
What did all this combine into? It was the home stretch of summer vacation and Kari was bored! He summer homework do
:iconalexwarlorn:alexwarlorn 57 21
Godzilla Grunge Wallpaper :iconscott-the-stampede:scott-the-stampede 10 2 TK Mimi TG :iconeduartboudewijn:EduartBoudewijn 125 15 MetalGreymon XW Lineart ver. 2 :iconcutejana17:cutejana17 16 12
Digimon: Mimi and Me and Me
"Interesting," Said Izumi 'Izzy' Koshiro.
The digital world -currently three fourths of it twisted into a Spiral Mountain by the three remaining Dark Masters- was home to many a wonder.
The eight digidestined were not tourists, but they could still appreciate the sights of the world they were saving.
"Interesting?" Parroted Yamato 'Matt' Ishida raising an eyebrow at what Izzy had just said.
"Well I would say 'strange' or 'unusual' but this being the digital world that is rather redundant."
The teddy bear sized yellow T-Rex Agumon waved an oversized claw. "Hey, it's the human world that's weird, not our world."
"Actually," The red bug Tentomon said, "As Izzy would say: strange is a subjective term so technically speaking-"
"So what's 'interesting' about it?" Interrupted Taichi 'Tai' Kamiya leaning closer. Of course putting himself between his little sister Hikari 'Kari' between the supposed 'unknown.'  
"Looks like just a big pond to me." Tomboy Sora Takenouchi injected.
Joe K
:iconalexwarlorn:alexwarlorn 54 11
Commission 1- Shoutmon X3 :icondante947:Dante947 11 12 Maylan and MegaRoll :iconcyberexedra:CyberExedra 40 9 biomerge gone wrong :iconroyzx5:royzx5 13 3 Tai Kari TG :iconeduartboudewijn:EduartBoudewijn 96 12
Digimon: Don't Mind Us
It was supposed to be simple. Just go to Ruki's, pick up the rare cards she wanted rid of, and get back home. Maybe try take Takato out to get something to eat.
But her stepmother had asked her to take her brother... Well, more demanded...
"Juri... Can you take Masahiko with you when you go out today?" Shizue Katou asked.
"But I'm not going out myself for long!" Juri protested.
Her stepmother sighted.
"He misses you. You haven't spent much time with him recently. Please?"
Juri groaned.
"Fine! I'll take him but we won't be gone long. And I'm not taking him anywhere with Takato."
She went to her room, ignorant of the fact the "him" in question had been behind his mother the whole time.
"Is it 'cos of Takato Juri's not fun any more?"  He asked.
Shizue wasn't sure of the answer herself.
"I don't think so. She's... having some changes in her life just now, sweetie..."

But no. That plan was damaged when Culumon lagged along too. He'd had the sense be carried rather t
:iconlz0291:LZ0291 4 27
Digimon Comic pg.26 :iconhipper-reed:Hipper-Reed 23 16 Xros Wars lineart request :iconshadow-leopard:shadow-leopard 2 4


15 deviations
WarGreymon Scratchart
A scratchboard I started working on last summer but never finished. After doing my last submission I decided to finish it.
Dracomon Scratchart
First scratch board I've done in a long while. Simple design so it took about a day to do. I made it to commemorate the birthday of Dracoknight545 who is working on a fic commission of mine.
How goes it watchers of my page and gallery.

I've been a DA member here for a few years now but felt no reason to make a journal since I thought most of my art wasen't really original.

Got a couple things to say.

- I'd like to hear from a few of you what of digimon would you like for me to make into scratchart.
   (Don't ask me to make scratchart of something else besides digimon)

- I'm thinking of starting a tiny business of making animated avatars(from movies and anime) for the price $.50
  Here are a few of my animated avatars.……

EDIt: If anyone knows a new six season of digimon is coming this july to japan.…
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