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Xros Wars lineart request by shadow-leopard Xros Wars lineart request :iconshadow-leopard:shadow-leopard 2 4
The great digiswap Tai, Kari
It was a rain day and both Tai and Kari were bored.
"What should we do?" Tai said
"How about we go to the digital world for the day." Kari said
They both agreed and grabbed their digivices and headed over to Izzy's house to use his laptop. When they got there Izzy's mom let them in.
"Where's Izzy" Asked Kari
"Oh, he's out something about his computer, not sure what's up." The women responded.
"Well, we will just wait for him then." Tai said
They headed up to Izzy's room and when they got there they discovered a typical room with the computer right in the middle. Tai didn't see a CD that had fallen on the ground and slipped and then he crashed into Kari. What they didn't see was that their digivices had slipped out of their hands and switched places while in the air. Tai was the first to get up.
"Heh, um, sorry about that are you ok." Tai said
"Yah, I am fine I guess, let just go instead of waiting. We can always write a note for him.
Tai got up and grabbed the nearest digivice not real
:iconmusicallover1234:Musicallover1234 28 19
Digimon Comic pg.27 by Hipper-Reed Digimon Comic pg.27 :iconhipper-reed:Hipper-Reed 18 1 Digimon Comic pg.28 by Hipper-Reed Digimon Comic pg.28 :iconhipper-reed:Hipper-Reed 28 20 Digimon Comic pg.25 by Hipper-Reed Digimon Comic pg.25 :iconhipper-reed:Hipper-Reed 19 8 Digimon Comic pg.24 by Hipper-Reed Digimon Comic pg.24 :iconhipper-reed:Hipper-Reed 16 3 Digimon Comic pg.23 by Hipper-Reed Digimon Comic pg.23 :iconhipper-reed:Hipper-Reed 21 5 Digimon Comic pg.22 by Hipper-Reed Digimon Comic pg.22 :iconhipper-reed:Hipper-Reed 21 12 They Need Me by patamon-chan They Need Me :iconpatamon-chan:patamon-chan 66 35 Digimon Comic pg.21 by Hipper-Reed Digimon Comic pg.21 :iconhipper-reed:Hipper-Reed 20 4 Digimon Comic pg.20 by Hipper-Reed Digimon Comic pg.20 :iconhipper-reed:Hipper-Reed 19 2 Digimon Comic pg.19 by Hipper-Reed Digimon Comic pg.19 :iconhipper-reed:Hipper-Reed 15 3 Digimon Comic pg.18 by Hipper-Reed Digimon Comic pg.18 :iconhipper-reed:Hipper-Reed 20 4 Digimon Comic pg.17 by Hipper-Reed Digimon Comic pg.17 :iconhipper-reed:Hipper-Reed 21 5 Digimon Comic pg.16 by Hipper-Reed Digimon Comic pg.16 :iconhipper-reed:Hipper-Reed 21 5 Digimon Comic pg.15 by Hipper-Reed Digimon Comic pg.15 :iconhipper-reed:Hipper-Reed 20 4


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How goes it watchers of my page and gallery.

I've been a DA member here for a few years now but felt no reason to make a journal since I thought most of my art wasen't really original.

Got a couple things to say.

- I'd like to hear from a few of you what of digimon would you like for me to make into scratchart.
   (Don't ask me to make scratchart of something else besides digimon)

- I'm thinking of starting a tiny business of making animated avatars(from movies and anime) for the price $.50
  Here are a few of my animated avatars.……

EDIt: If anyone knows a new six season of digimon is coming this july to japan.…
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